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EPS Works was born in 2021 as initiative of a group of industrial and aerospace engineers with more than 10 years of experience in different sectors of the industry.

Before joining EPS Works our engineers have worked in all kind of companies and environments: from small size startups to huge multinationals, from flight control and electronic design for autonomous vehicles to process optimization for worlds largest gas and offshore wind turbines, from small independent teams to multidisciplinary environments.

The experiences we have gained so far motivated us to create EPS Works. We have been there and done that, we know the strengths and weakness of many different scenarios and this is our differential factor with respect to other consulting firms.
Because being technically the best is not enough, to get across the finish line you also need to know how to manage people. In EPS Works we are committed to deliver.

We are eager to work wherever needed, we don’t have any geographic limitation.

EPS Works is a company focused on providing technological solutions to our customers, we help you bring your concept to a product: supporting you along the whole lifetime of the development, from product definition to mass production.
And all this at a competitive cost, as we tailor our services to what the client really needs.


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